Increase Revenue with Patient Payment Solutions From ClearGage

Automate the Patients Payment Process

PaymentAccelerator from ClearGage does just that - it accelerates the patient payment process.

How can we help increase practice revenue by up to 200%?

  • We streamline eligibility with our estimator
  • Enroll Patients in AutoPay with card on file
  • Give Patients the ability to pay by phone
  • Engage Patients via SMS and email
  • Provide AR Plans & Prefunding
  • Offer Patient financing with 100% approval

ClearGage solutions are easy and quick to integrate with your current process or PMS. Patient enrollment takes under 3 minutes! 

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A Suite of ClearGage Solutions


Patient Financing

ClearGage offers healthcare providers the ability to present customized financing options to their patients. Our proprietary technology and financial services address the realities of the new healthcare paradigm. Simply put, we treat patients as “consumers.”


Receivable Funding

Why wait to get paid, collect your money up front! With ClearGage you can elect to receive an upfront payment on your patient balances.


Mobile Payments

Patients can pay from their mobile device or tablet. Send a customized text or email message where patients are presented with the option to pay now or enroll in facility approved payment plans.


Automated Settlement

Safely store and use your patient’s payment account to pay for balances owed after insurance adjudication. Payment accounts are tokenized and stored in our encrypted payment vault.


Point of Sale

ClearGage’s AutoPay™ with Account on File technology allows you to safely store and use your patient’s payment account to pay for balances owed after insurance adjudication.


Recurring Payments & Subscription Plans

Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly and more. Flexible to match your financial policies as well as meeting the needs of your patients.


IVR Payments

Automating payments using interactive voice response (IVR) improves efficiency and lowers costs. Provide your patients 24/7 access to billing information and payment options.


Patient Portal

Branded to your facility and available 24/7, provide patients with access to online statements, payment options, payment history, payment plan agreements and AutoPay™ enrollment.


Patient Support Services

The ClearGage Patient Engagement team members are highly qualified, courteous and professional. We represent an extension of your organization with a commitment to quality and compassion.