Guide to Patient Collections

In this ebook, we've crafted the perfect collection letters that convey empathy and assistance to patients. Download to start using the templates in your practice today.

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With deductibles averaging $5,550, patients and practices are feeling the financial pinch. Fewer patients can pay those amounts, which means practices are not generating steady revenue. At some point, collections becomes a necessity.

Most patients struggle with sticker shock and anxiety over their medical costs and find themselves in collections due to the inability to keep up with payments.

By creating a positive and productive relationship with your patients while addressing collections will not only help them stay physically healthy but also financially healthy.

Download the ebook to learn how to build a series of collection letters and follow-up calls that get better results.

"We implemented ClearGage into our practice and have seen a dramatic increase in the number of clients we can accept. We no longer have people walking out the door due to not being able to afford our services. Because of ClearGage, we are no able to change more lives!"

Amos | COO | Functional Nutrition Resources