Ultimate Guide to Increasing Revenue at Ambulatory Surgery Centers

In this eBook, we address the challenges of revenue cycle management (namely patient collections) and share what you need to know about increasing revenue and optimizing RCM processes.

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Improve Engagement


Streamline Collections


Increase Revenue!


Learn how to position your office for success by embracing technology for a brighter financial future. 


Develop an understanding of automation and how it eliminates redundant tasks while speeding up the revenue cycle altogether. 


Understand how financing offerings can increase patient satisfaction and provide patients a more affordable way of paying their medical bills. 

"We implemented ClearGage into our practice and have seen a dramatic increase in the number of clients we can accept. We no longer have people walking out the door due to not being able to afford our services. Because of ClearGage, we are now able to change more lives!"

Amos | COO | Functional Nutrition Resources